Sibling co-founders


Welcome to our world of Dead Sea-inspired skincare and wellness. Join us on our journey to care for ourselves on a deeper level and enrich our skin, body, and mind. Naʼiman!*

Our Jordanian heritage has given us a special connection to the Dead Sea and an appreciation for the skin-boosting and therapeutic properties of its natural minerals. Our upbringing involved frequent visits to the world's oldest spa, shaping our perception of skincare and wellness. However, as we grew older and took on more responsibilities, visiting the Dead Sea became a rare indulgence amidst our busy lives.

After welcoming a little one to the family, Serina’s postpartum skin changes and rosacea flare up led us to search for a Dead Sea mud mask to revive her skin's health. However, we were disappointed to find that most Dead Sea products on the market contained harsh preservatives and questionable synthetic ingredients, which was a far cry from the natural, skin-nourishing mud we were used to using at the Dead Sea.

This discovery prompted us to embark on a mission to develop skincare products that not only harnessed the potent effects of Dead Sea mud and salt but also comprised solely of nourishing and good-for-you ingredients. Our objective was to achieve that coveted "Dead Sea Glow" no matter where we were in the world.

Teaming up with an exceptional formulator in Jordan, we established some fundamental guidelines for our product development. Our primary focus was to harness the natural minerals found in Dead Sea mud and salt as our key ingredients while only adding clean and effective ingredients that were safe, purposeful and delivered instant and remarkable results. With our flagship mud mask, we've been dreaming up new and exciting formulas ever since.

Our skincare and wellness products are inspired by the ancient spa rituals of the Dead Sea, that nourish you in ways that go beyond skin deep. We see skincare not only as a way to enhance the physical appearance of our skin, but also as an opportunity to care for ourselves on a deeper level. Simple everyday activities, such as showering, bathing, or using a face mask, can be transformed into opportunities for self-care and mindfulness.

We’re all about carving out time in your busy routine to enrich your skin, body and mind.


Serina, Laith, and Hana

*there’s nothing quite like it in English, but it’s what you say to someone in the Middle East to congratulate them on how fresh they look!