Sibling co-founders


Our brand was born from a desire to share the unique powers of mineral rich Dead Sea mud and salt to elevate your skin health and overall wellbeing so you feel beautiful on the inside and out.

Being skincare minimalists and opting for natural and effective ingredients, we’re not about long-winded skincare routines so using mineral rich Dead sea mud and salt to take care of our skin is a natural fit.

Growing up between Jordan and the UK, we spent countless weekends covering ourselves in Dead Sea mineral mud before laying back to float effortlessly in the salty sea. Between us, we’ve tried products that promise radiant, even skin — but nothing compares to a trip to the Dead Sea.

With ever busier lives, our days dedicated to recharging in the world’s oldest natural spa became limited to an office daydream or wishful escapism once the kids were in bed. We wanted to recreate that post-Dead Sea feeling at home - fresh silky-soft skin and a sense of wellbeing - the Dead Sea Glow! So, we began our journey to share our unique beauty heritage - the powers of Dead Sea minerals.

We wanted consciously packaged fuss-free skincare products powered by Dead Sea minerals, infused with ingredients that serve a purpose and deliver effective results and free from known irritants. With the brightest Dead Sea skincare experts, we put our heads together to create a hero formula for our multi-tasking mineral mud mask and with more formulas in the works, we’re excited to share them with you.
Naʼiman!*  نعيماً

Serina, Laith, and Hana

*thereʼs nothing quite like it in English, but it’s what you say to someone in the Middle East to congratulate them on how fresh they look!